Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tie Dye American Flag T-Shirts

This t-shirt was done with Rit Dyes, scarlet and royal blue, entire bottles mixed with boiling water.

100% cotton white t-shirts
Procion MX dyes
rubber bands


Rubber band little circles tightly on the top half of the t-shirt . . .

Dip the top of the t-shirt (the rubber-banded part) in the blue dye . . .

The t-shirt dyed with Rit dye was steeped for a total of 10 minutes, turned halfway through so that each side was submersed for at least 5 minutes.

Then the t-shirt was removed from the dye and left to dry, hung upside down, dripping on the ground instead of the white part of the shirt . . .

When dry the following day, the t-shirt was folded accordion-style and rubber-banded . . .

The accordion-banded part was submersed in Rit scarlet dye for 10 minutes, turned a couple of times to make sure both sides got dye . . .

The t-shirt was hung outside to dry with the red side down so that the red didn't bleed into the blue.


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