Friday, September 18, 2009

Stained Glass Spiral

The stained glass effect is done with any basic fold. The effect itself comes from a second step added to the dye application.

After the fabric has been folded and dyed in the usual method, the usual batching method is started.

At this time, mix a batch of a very dark color dye such as black, brown or navy; depending on the color content of the original dyed piece. instead of the usual ratio of water and thickener; use 3 to 4 times the amount of thickener and reduce the water amount accordingly. An easy way to accomplish this is to make a paste with the dye and a small amount of water, and then add alginate thickener pre-made in a stock solution.

The goal is a dye that is the consistency of a soft gelatin. Apply this heavily thickened dye with a foam brush to the entire dyed piece.; front back and sides; until completely covered. The thickened dye will not penetrate into the fabric at all, and will only dye the outermost folds.

Alternatively, the multi-colored side can be dyed heavily first, then the other side can be dyed with the dark contrasting color.

Continue to batch the item for the full amount of time. Batching for darker colors yields a better color when fully batched.

Rinse, wash and dry as with any other piece.

This shirt was done in this manner. First a spiral tie dye was done with red, black cherry, and ecru; then a thickened black dye was created and applied to the entire piece, followed by a full batch. As you can see, the dark dye does not overpower the piece.


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